Month: October 2016

The Biology of Calm Well Being

Why do I frequently encourage my clients to stop talking for a moment, and notice what’s happening in their physical experience?

Well, because I’m a somatic therapist, of course….and that’s what somatic therapists do!

Okay, that’s kind of a non-answer.  So then, why do somatic therapists do this? Why do they always interrupt when we just want to unload what’s on our mind?

Ultimately, as my new article explains, the goal is to cultivate a state of calm well being!

Now, on our way there, we might have to go through some waves of really not feeling so great, or calm, or well.  In fact, most people do. But developing this ability to “put on the brakes” is hugely important in the long run.

You can read about it and my other articles at  (My articles are linked at the bottom of my therapist profile.)

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