Month: February 2015

Welcome, Wolfie!

wolfie cute face small


This is Wolfie.

He is an almost 2 year old Yorkshire terrier mix.  He weighs about 10 lbs. He was with a dog rescue when I spotted him nearly a year ago, and took him home.

Wolfie comes with me to my practice sometimes.  He’s learning to be a therapy dog. His cuteness and cuddles are often therapeutically quite useful to people learning how to downregulate and/or experience positive feelings.  When not interacting with a client, he usually just sleeps on my lap or in his doggy bed.

Clients in my practice are, of course, quite welcome to request that no dogs be present during their session. I will be happy to accomodate this request via scheduling.

If Wolfie is present during a session, it is very important to follow my guidance in interacting with him. He is a young fellow and he is just learning.

Welcome to this furry little love bug!

Wolfie elephant small

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