Welcome to my website!


Greetings, and welcome to my website! I’m glad you stopped by.

This website provides information about my therapy practice in Long Beach, CA, USA. It also provides information about somatic (body-based) modalities for healing stress and trauma, anxiety and depression.


Generally, I support clients in learning to:

*  Reduce or eliminate symptoms;

*  Function better at work, home and at play;

*  Increase their sense of vitality and liveliness;

*  Feel more comfortable in their own skin and more confident in the world.


The primary therapeutic method I practice is called Somatic Experiencing (R). I help people learn the language of their unconscious minds and bodies. When they understand why they are experiencing certain symptoms, we can work effectively to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. 

It’s my firm belief that incorporating the body’s feelings and reactions into therapy is vital. Why is that? Because that’s the primary place where the trauma lives, in the autonomic nervous system, which controls the physical body.  That’s why it can be very difficult or impossible to “think” trauma away! The body’s survival responses are more powerful than the thought process. 

I find that usually, anxious or depressed thoughts are the result of incomplete stress response that’s gotten stuck in the nervous system (or other places in the body). The thoughts may then also make the stress response worse. In my experience, our bodies are also involved with most other symptoms that bring people into therapy.  I have found that a calm, well-regulated nervous system does not produce these kinds of symptoms.  

Yet, our physical bodies contain incredibly powerful energy–for some people, it’s nearly explosive. We are talking about survival energy here, and that is our most potent. It is what enables a five foot two inch tall mother to lift a car off of her child.  Due to the profound impact of these survival states, and how tricky it can be to unwind them, an experienced practitioner is needed to help restore balance, or create it in the first place.  


Here are issues I frequently work with:

*  Depression

*  Anxiety

*  Eating problems and substance abuse

*  Anger/irritability

*  Trauma and post-traumatic stress/PTSD

*  Low motivation

*  Relationship difficulties, and difficulty relating to others

*  Difficulty in managing emotions

*  Childhoods that might have seemed okay, but were actually kind of rough in subtle ways

*  Childhoods that were clearly difficult in some way(s)

My blog explores various aspects of healing stress and trauma, and depression and anxiety, as well as occasional forays into other topics of interest. Please feel free to visit! Please do read my disclaimer (terms and conditions) page. 

You’re also welcome to contact me to discuss therapy for stress, trauma, anxiety, or depression, and other issues; or to set up a Somatic Experiencing (R) introductory seminar.

You can follow me on Twitter: @somaticwise


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